8 Nov

1-Keep you kimi.Hird
2-Say hey there. Atmosphere
3-Ever Falling. Amon Tobin
4- Spiral Dub. Dj Food
5.Carwreck (Squarepusher remix).Funki Porcini
6.Replay. High tone
7. L.E.S artistes (Santigold cover). I blame coco
8.Island Blues. Koop
9.1000 miles. Roebeck
10. I see a different you (Enochsson remix).Koop
11.Lisztomania (Clasixx version). Phoenix
12.Fleur Blanche. Orsten
13.Where do I begin (Away team remix). Shirley Bass
14. Sunday Driver. The Limp Twins
15.Not so Blue. Quantic
16. Basic Space (Pariah Remix). The XX
17. Helicopter (Diplo remix). Bloc Party
18.Gold Digger. Diplo
19.Caesar (Diplo remix). I Blame coco ft. Robyn
20. Heats (Odahl remix). kamp!


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