Harry Potter

19 Dec

Let’s get one thing clear, I grew up reading the Harry Potter books, all seven of them, in French AND English. I therefore cannot bring myself to look down upon the whole frenzy surrounding it.

Even though the first 6 movies didn’t do as much justice to the books as I would have liked them to, the first part of the seventh installment is by far the best. I won’t get into “reviewing” the movie but if there is one word to describe it, it would be mature.

The other thing I wanted to mention :  NICK F-ING CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS! The only non-instrumental only song on the soundtrack.And it fits beautifully:

O’ Children:

Let’s throw in a couple more for good measure:

Carry Me

Easy Money



One Response to “Harry Potter”

  1. sergio December 30, 2010 at 1:47 am #

    Buddy- ship song, nick cave and the bad seeds.
    you know who does it justice?
    youtube eddie vedder ship song (not the red rocks one)

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