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Midas Touch

2 Oct

Walking around certain parts of London, one cannot help but notice a certain amount of ostentatious display of wealth by certain people from a certain part of the world (sadly, mine). The logic seems to be “fuck it, let’s just pleat it all in Gold”.

The following creations seem to follow this logic yet the tackiness is, thankfully, lacking.

Here’s KNSTRCT‘s topĀ  golden products:

Rosa Muerta by architect Robert Stone

Established&Sons gold boxes

Pentax LX Gold Edition SLR


gold plated Atari 2600

Supreme Stakeboards


Or so I’ve Heard

2 Aug

Illustrator Lisa Hanawalt made the funniest illustrations on fashion’s reigning queen:

[via The Hairpin]

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Morning Glory

10 Jun

Not long ago I really wasn’t the breakfast type, sometimes skipping the whole thing. That was until a friend introduced me to the joys of extensive breakfast and Sunday brunches, and what can I say, I’m sold!

I think after watching this you’ll be rushing to the nearest brasserie first thing in the morning!

Courtesy of Tasteologie



She Loves You, Yeah Yeah Yeah

10 Jun

Live Fast online mag recently released these unique stills of rock stars and their wives and God were they gorgeous!

Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards


Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger


Patti Hansen and Keith Richards

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin

Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger

Bebe Buell and Steven Tyler



20 Apr

Came across this awesome blog with remakes of movie posters done brilliantly :

P.S : I believe the person who made these is called Matt Owen…

Hay ho, on rentre du boulot!

16 Mar

German ad agency scholz & friends berlin, came up with this campaign for an employment website,

The caption reads “Life is too short for the wrong job”

Witty and playful!:

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Retro with a Twist

4 Feb

Brazilian Ad agency MOMA came out with these series of prints for advertising company seminars, aimed at familiarizing professionals with new opportunities of using social networking and other tools of communication through the Internet

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